Ordering Flowers: How the Different Services Compare

February 13, 2010

Consumer Warning Network put all the major flower vendors to the test this Valentine’s day to see who had the best flowers, quality, customer service and satisfaction. View the video above for their full report or click here to read the details to see how the local flower shop compared.


Valentine Marketing FTD a BIG Disappointment…

February 8, 2010

Can you imagine florists who don’t think they should market for Valentine’s Day? While we are all expected to be busy on the 13th and 14th but what about now?

Who is getting orders that are making your Dove and Mercury systems print? Marketers.

Has anyone NOT heard a Pro Flowers ad yet? If you are hearing it, so are your customers.

Don’t kid yourself, print marketing is like TV or Radio but with a call to action that you can return to. Customers have to remember TV or Radio, but they can see an insert in your Sunday paper and come back to it.

I’d like to thank Teleflora who had 2 ads with $10 coupons. Teleflora will reimburse you for every one you accept, sounds like a good deal to me. In my market, all customers saw were Teleflora ads  and our post card. Where is FTD?

I’ve heard much about Teleflora’s Super Bowl ad, the good and the bad, all I can say is atleast they tried something.  Where is FTD? Where are my dues being spent at FTD? The FTD reps mentioned they did not think Teleflora represented our industry in the right manor. That was all they could say. What was FTD’s better idea? Where were the FTD ads in the paper driving customers to our shops? FTD still collects dues for the membership division. Where is my money being spent? Where is the local flower shop support?

It is time that retail florists realize we are responsible to drive customers back to our shops. Without some sort of print, TV or Radio, we will continue to be the recipient of the marketer’s orders that we fill. Often shops complain advertising doesn’t work. Imagine if FTD stopped marketing? Well they did. They stopped marketing for us on Sunday. I am very disappointed to see that FTD.com’s marketing increased as retail florist marketing at FTD has been terminated.

We continue to print brochures and have creative ideas to help you keep your business front and center. Each shop has to make the effort. If we want our industry back, it is up to us to make it work. Having Teleflora supporting local florists is something I am glad to see and why I send most of my orders Teleflora.  FTD needs to start backing up the talk of this new ownership. If you want to see for yourself, look at the unique visitor traffic of the big 4. That should tell you where the focus is.

Customer can’t purchase from a business they can’t see. Improve your exposure with print marketing. Drive people to your website. Beneva Solutions has options for you.

Remember to inform your sales agents to make the most of those orders. There is media calling to do stories. Don’t get caught on the short end of a story. Quote your prices and always have options. We will never win the price war. So let’s focus on Quality, Creativity and Service. That we can do great!

Hope you all have a great week!

Arthur Conforti


Beneva Solutions