Dallas SAF Report

June 29, 2010

Dallas, June 24, 2010: SAF had a nice turn out of florists from Coast to Coast focusing on a top that is so important, engaging customers. Arthur Conforti spoke with florists about understanding the steps and values of attracting new customers as well as engaging them into your business. Arthur expressed how he looks at orders as customers. “It is more important to build relationships than just take orders.” This is exactly what the Facebook-Twitter applications are design to do. Engage your customer. Arthur also quoted Will Rogers by saying that even though you may be on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there. Arthur then expressed the need of a “Yes we Can” attitude with customers. This was shared positively amongst florist who believe in the reiteration of the Yes We Can Attitude.

From Sales training to operations and reporting, many ideas were discussed and shared at the forum and through out the night. It seems that many enjoyed the form Arthur designed and shared identifying the Lifetime Value of a customer. Arthur Conforti tried to express in detail, “How do you know how much to market if you don’t know the value of your target customer?” Definitely something florist need to consider.


Join Me Tomorrow at SAF

June 22, 2010

I just wanted to remind everyone that I will be speaking tomorrow at the SAF conference and look forward to meeting and speaking with all of you. There will be a very touching retailing video along with a Q & A and yes, I am bringing the footballs. Be sure to join us tomorrow in Dallas .


Art Conforti


WHAT is your most valuable business asset?

June 14, 2010

If you are like most business people, your mind might quickly fly over your balance sheet. Is it your equipment? Is it your location? Is it your accounts receivable?

For most businesses and especially florists, the most valuable business asset isn’t on the balance sheet. It’s their customer list. And florists for whom this isn’t the most valuable business asset should consider change their orientation to make it so.

I have always said at Beneva Flowers that maintaining and gaining the trust of a customer is where success lies. Beneva is celebrating over 24 years in Sarasota is a testament to this way of thinking.

The hardest, most expensive sale we ever make to a customer is the first one. In that first, critical, transaction we earn or lose the trust of the customer. Once we have the trust of the customer, we open the door to many more sales and to referrals, which most of us agree are the very best new customers to get.

Many businesses frantically work at bringing in new businesses while they neglect developing the “acre of diamonds” at their doorstep represented by their customer list.

Please join me in Dallas on June 23rd – 24th of this month as I share with you a very simple discussion on the change of retailing today and the power of engaging your customers. We need to stop giving our customers away to Pro Flowers and online discounters. A bad experience with one is a bad experience with all. (In most cases) You can also follow our postings on Twitter under Beneva Solutions.

So, if you agree that your customer is your most valuable asset, you won’t want to miss this discussion in Dallas. Join me and the panel of florists who have ideas that we can all use to take back and keep our customers.

Also please take the time to visit BenevaEnterprises.com and view some of the tools that you need to attract and maintain your customers.

Art Conforti

Beneva Flowers-Sarasota, FL


SAF Growth Solutions Panel

June 4, 2010

I am looking forward to the SAF Growth Solutions panel that I will be serving on with Robin Yelverton & Kris Wittenaur discussing Social Media, Reward Programs and my favorite, Engaging Customers. We all know about engagements in relationships and how it takes a combination of many ingredients to make it work. Engaging customers is no different.

I look forward to discussing the value of the relationship and how to build it, maintain it and protect it. While building and maintaining is not too difficult, protecting is often overlooked and that is where we need to improve as an industry.

It would be great to meet florists who comment and/or just read this posting.

There will be a very touching retailing video along with a Q & A and yes, I am bringing the footballs. Be sure to join us in Dallas on June 23rd. Click the link below to learn more about the convention.


Art Conforti