Knowledge is Power. Are you where your customers’ are looking?

March 31, 2011

As I travel through the country, I have noticed marketing is almost out, engagement is in. No longer is it discounting to purchase but discounting for knowledge.

Example, as I board a Delta airline, I am handed a card that reads,

Your opinion counts.

Please help us make a difference.

Just go to

within the next 7 days and you

could be a monthly winner of 2 round trip tickets

(There is a code on the card that reflects your flight information)

This will give you a chance just to get you to EDUCATE them on their service. Then, as I get seated I see the TV screen promoting a Delta FREE app. Delta already has a Mobile website so what is the need for an APP?  It streamlines and it’s fast. As you look at stores, you see incentives to join them on Facebook. You go to Starbucks and they want you to text them for special offers. Today’s consumer be on alert, EVERYBODY WANTS YOU!

As retail florists, what are you doing to show you are worthy of a customer placing trust in you to place an order? We need to engage and let customer’s know why we deserve their trust. Why? Customers have more choices than ever! What makes you stand out? At Beneva Solutions, we continue to create solutions. In the past few months more shops than ever before have begun marketing with us. Florists are beginning to realize what traditional retailing has been for decades is no longer a good business model. To make this easier, we have invested in the following tools to help florists stand out.


floralapp: The #1 used mobile floral app in the floral industry. The sooner you get your customers to load your app, the better your chances are of keeping them when your competition sets in. Don’t wait when you can be ahead. At just $70.00 a month and no cost per order, can you afford not to have an app?


Conforti Collection: In just a few short weeks we will be releasing our 2011 holiday collectible, The Spode Holiday Express.  This EXCLUSIVE ceramic train is individually numbered and available for delivery across the country. Limited edition collectibles help YOU stand out from your competition.


Mobile Texting:  FLORALTEXT will be available for as little as $35.00 a month to send text messages directly to your customer’s cell phones. You can create special offers, special event notifications or even hold a contest. All this will be adminable in your OWN administrative website. More information is yet to come.


Quote a Wedding: Now you can print wedding proposals, email brides and archive your weddings in an organized online application that is YOUR very own. All this for just $49.95 a month.


Simple programs for business growth, building  a brand and tapping into your customers. Don’t let your consumers get away.

As a retail florist in Sarasota, Beneva Flowers is celebrating 25 years this year. Chance has been the key to 25 years of retailing. Those who understand marketing, not just advertising is seeing great opportunities ahead. We can’t wait for business to come to us, it is our responsibility to go get business and protect our customers.


What is your plan this Mother’s Day?

March 9, 2011

What is your plan this Mother’s Day?

a) Clean off my printer and wait for those orders to magically start printing

b) Try to figure out what everyone else in the industry will sell and what flowers you will need to fill orders

c) Partner up with Beneva Solutions and limit your offerings, streamline your production and improve your bottom line.

Think about this…

a) Q: Where do most of the .com orders you receive originate? A: From companies who market to get customers and orders

b) How many product codes can you create and have enough flowers for? Talk about a moving target. There is no question there are too many sku’s to fill in our industry

c) Purchasing marketing material in advance is easy with Beneva Solutions and here is why;

* The items selected are easy to fill and sent out through whichever wire service you choose

* Identifying products early is the first step to streamlining your operations. Buying flowers for your brochure selections and offering them on your website could account for more than 50% of your holiday volume if you plan correctly. having a brochure in front of your sales team, customers and distributed through newspapers and direct mail will not only get you more orders, it will get you orders you have planned for in your recipes making your holiday more efficient and profitable

* When you purchase our brochure, you get a High Gloss advertising agency quality print product at the most affordable price in the industry. Images for your website. now your brochure and your website are lined up. Professional copy written to make your selections even more appealing. Marketing tips and strategies that have helped 100’s of flower shops like yours build their own identity and brand while increasing their bottom line profits.

Hasn’t your customer seen enough advertising from your competition?

Do you really feel that if your customer is going to order Mother’s day, they will purchase from you without a reminder? Really?

If we all marketed our customer database and within 15 miles of our shops, you would see more florist to florist orders again.

It is unfortunate but the truth is, not enough people are thinking local to send flowers anymore. Why should they? Can you answer that? Are you in your Sunday paper before Mother’s Day? Is there anyone that doesn’t know who FTD or 1800 Flower or Pro Flowers are? They are all out there. Even Teleflora is now trying to build that retail brand. So what are we doing about it? What are YOU doing about it? What are you doing about it?

Don’t Blame the Wire Service! If local florists are not going to get out there and protect their local markets then every order could wind up with Pro Flowers. Is that far from the truth?

So let’s focus on what we can do. Market for engagement of our customers. Drive them in to register on your app. Design your floralapp landing page to remind customer’s your selections can be delivered anywhere, anytime! One click shopping. Remember, your app already knows who you are. Just select a product and recipient, type a card message and you are done! Try that with a mobile version of a website! You have all the tools. Now as I welcome you to Beneva Solutions, you have everything you need to compete.

Mother’s Day is the last marketing holiday we have to attract more customers and protect our own.

I Always remember a sign I saw in a repair shop that read, if you don’t take care of your customers, someone else will. I say, if you don’t protect your customer and give them a reason to purchase from you, someone else will. It’s up to you.

Our Mother’s Day brochures are now available through this weekend. With low minimum quantities, you have no reason miss another opportunity to market.

Beneva Solutions is a all about florists helping florists do what we do best, sell more flowers with cutting edge technology and images for all to share.

Call us today and see what we can do for you at 1-866-768-2420

Click here too view our order form for Mother’s Day 2011. Whatever you need, we have it. We look forward to speaking with you soon.



Marketing Strategies for Spring 2011

March 1, 2011

Arthur Conforti gives some tips to florists for marketing in the coming Spring months and getting the most out of Easter and Mother’s Day.