Billy Heroman’s our newest YES WE CAN florist.

July 26, 2011

Art and Tina in Baton Rouge at Billy Heroman’s Flowerland today working with the newest member of the YES WE CAN program. 3 Simple words that mean so much to retailing today, YES WE CAN. The staff and employees were excited to be empowered to make the (already excellent) shopping experience even better with a statement of service like YES WE CAN. Billy Heroman’s has served the Baton Rouge area for over 56 years with the most beautiful flowers, on site greenhouse and an extensive gift showroom with over 10,000 square foot!

Yes We Can is the service difference. What you see is not only what you get, but delivered with prompt service! Since adding Floralapp, Billy Heroman’s is available to customer’s using smartphones, the internet and always as simple as dialing 225-272-ROSE. (7 Days a Week)

Retailing is more challenging today than ever before. With a state of the art website, reward points and an the attentive staff at Billy Heroman’s, it is no wonder they are the leading florist and the best choice when ordering flowers in Baton Rouge, LA. Take a look at their new and improved website at

Retail florists that display the YES WE CAN sign in their business are committed to providing an exceptional customer experience. Is your florist a YES WE CAN florist?


Enjoying Texas at TSFA

July 16, 2011

Enjoyed a great night with the Freytags from Austin Tx here at TSFA in The Woodlands, Tx. Chad and his dad Ken are about the very best people you can know and a true credit to our industry. There is nothing small in Texas for sure, just look at the hotel vehicles!

I can hardly believe how many people are here, over 500! Now that is what a show should be. From design to business, it is all here and these florists are focused on how to move forward.

Hearing Ken’s story about how he started Freytags reminded me of just how special our industry is. How we get into the industry is sometimes as fascinating as what we do on a daily basis. One this is for sure that we kept coming back to, we deliver a quality gift with a message the SAME DAY. Maybe we should refocus on that strength. Fedex is a Billion dollar giant because they deliver overnight, we are one step better. The combination of the YES WE CAN attitude and focusing on the strength of Same day Delivery has helped Freytags continue to grow sales in one of the most challenging times of our industry the last few years.

I am looking forward to sharing some forward thinking ideas, promising numbers (yes there is business for us to get out there) and a way to get more of it. The first step is to remember using common sense. We need to agree on customer satisfaction. If it can be done, we need to be able to do it or figure it out. Saying no should not be an option for everyday retailing if we can at all avoid it.

We have allowed enough business to slip away and it is time to take it back!


I am looking forward to seeing everyone at 2:30.

TSFA Convention Saturday July 16th!

July 12, 2011

I can hardly wait to see all the florists at TSFA this Saturday to discuss the state of the industry and share ways to improve your business and increase exposure to your shops.

As I was creating current reports of online traffic and comparisons of YOUR competitors I came across some numbers that truly amazed me. I look forward to sharing this information with you and hearing your thoughts while I share some ideas for a solution. There IS a better way. Dodging wire services and trying to boycott incoming orders is only good for the moment. The long term solution begins with a plan and I promise it will work, but you have to understand the plan before you can use it!

If you have not yet planned to attend, I hope you will consider joining me as we prepare to make the most of the GOOD NEWS I will share which is: there are more orders for your shop than you think.

I look forward to seeing you this Saturday at 2:30pm on Waterway 3, The Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel & Convention Center, 1601 Lake Robbins Drive, The Woodlands, TX 77380

Planting the seeds of a lasting impression this summer!

July 1, 2011

Happy July 1st! So what do we do now? Christmas in July? Ok.  Rose specials?  Sure.

Try a REAL deal, Buy a 20.00 gift card for just 10.00 TODAY only. Buy a dozen roses get a dozen FREE. How about a dozen rose contest? Give away roses on your website.

How do you get the word out? For just 35.00 a month you could reach your customers INSTANTLY!


floralapp™. You sould all be using your “PUSH” notifications to announce special deals. Have you thought about using your special offer field to announce something like this, “SHOW US THIS MESSAGE AND GET A FREE BOUQUET!”

If you are also promoting a giveaway this summer, let everyone know.  Posters in your shop, notes on deliveries, bumper stickers on vans and of course Facebook and Twitter!

How about a SPOT OUR VAN contest. Let people upload images to your Facebook page of your vans on the road for a FREE bouquet of flowers. It’s fun, and makes people think about your shop!

foursquare! Get $10 off your purchase when you check on at our shop. You can register with foursquare at just claim your listing and add a coupon code.

There is no reason to sit back and wait for the phone to ring. Keep planting seeds and grow a lasting impression of your florist, the ONLY to send flowers!

Have a happy 4th of July!