Enjoying Texas at TSFA

Enjoyed a great night with the Freytags from Austin Tx here at TSFA in The Woodlands, Tx. Chad and his dad Ken are about the very best people you can know and a true credit to our industry. There is nothing small in Texas for sure, just look at the hotel vehicles!

I can hardly believe how many people are here, over 500! Now that is what a show should be. From design to business, it is all here and these florists are focused on how to move forward.

Hearing Ken’s story about how he started Freytags reminded me of just how special our industry is. How we get into the industry is sometimes as fascinating as what we do on a daily basis. One this is for sure that we kept coming back to, we deliver a quality gift with a message the SAME DAY. Maybe we should refocus on that strength. Fedex is a Billion dollar giant because they deliver overnight, we are one step better. The combination of the YES WE CAN attitude and focusing on the strength of Same day Delivery has helped Freytags continue to grow sales in one of the most challenging times of our industry the last few years.

I am looking forward to sharing some forward thinking ideas, promising numbers (yes there is business for us to get out there) and a way to get more of it. The first step is to remember using common sense. We need to agree on customer satisfaction. If it can be done, we need to be able to do it or figure it out. Saying no should not be an option for everyday retailing if we can at all avoid it.

We have allowed enough business to slip away and it is time to take it back!


I am looking forward to seeing everyone at 2:30.


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