Making the most of your Mother’s Day Traffic

March 25, 2012

I remember it was around 1996 when I first started adding .com to all my ads and even to my business card. Believe it or not, it looked awkward to many and especially our fellow florists. They acted as if I was being extreme including a .com or that many people would not understand what that meant so why do it. Back in those days maybe 1 in every 6 homes had a computer.

In 1996 most people used dialup and the common connection speed was 14.4. While many felt this .com stuff would be a flash in the pan, others thought differently. Since many retail florists did not understand what was transitioning those who did got out ahead and built a solid .com presence and captured the opportunity and customers looking to shop online. It was a small crowd back then but so was the amount of shops ready to earn the online business.

Google was once an impression based search engine. You paid for impressions and clicks were optional. Yes that was then…

Last night I saw this transportation vehicle promoting rides and just chuckled when I saw just how prominent the .com was on the limited marketing area they had on the backlit sign. Surely they had a choice of a larger ad or adding a .com. Today that makes perfect sense, I wonder what many would have thought back in 1996. I wonder if they would have even added a .com to the sign back then.

So as we fast forward to 2012…there is a HUGE transformation again. Technology has evolved and cell phones have become the new portable computer. It is happening before our eyes.

Here is why…

1) Apps use the cell technology to process information and expedite transactions on the go and on Smartphones.

2) Apps development is growing and the amount of apps is so great APPLE has been denying apps being submitted that are similar to apps that already exist.

Apps allow you to create just about anything you can imagine when it comes to innovation and using the information on a cell phone. (Example, when someone places an order they can look up the recipient in the address book ON THE PHONE, click the name and the fields auto fill! There is much more to come as well.

MOBILE versions of your website are just that. It is only a reformatted portion of your website that people can use to order. There are no unique features like the recipient info migration or PUSH notification to alert app customers or reminders that pull from the cell phone (coming soon) to remind people of special occasion on their phones.

Many florists have taken the steps to licensing an app that is customized to their flower shops. By simply adding a link to your website, you can get your customer LOCKED in when they download YOUR app. The best part is, they can ONLY shop with you. You are building a captive audience. In time this will be priceless.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. It is clear now that those shops who worked to get customers to download their apps are all seeing orders. The more the downloads, the more the orders. We are also seeing that many people who order once on the app are ordering again. It is just so easy. That makes a big difference.

The week of Mother’s Day you will see record number of visitors to your website. This is your opportunity to lock them in with your app. A simple promotion or just having the banner on your home page (which we will make for you) will be all you need. It’s a long summer ahead……make the most of your Mother’s Day traffic and promote FLORALAPP before your competition does. It is only a matter of time. For just $70.00 a month, how can you afford not to use this technology in your business?

Don’t let this holiday go by without doing all you can to capture your customer. using a QR code on your Mother’s Day brochure makes it easy to get them to download. We offer the solutions, all you have to do is call us and discuss your strategy this Mother’s Day. There business is out there for those who want it.

Call me anytime and remember, “You must be willing to do what others don’t, to achieve the goals they can’t because they won’t”.

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Tired of filling orders for order gather’s?

March 22, 2012

Then it is up to you to protect your delivery area!

This trend will not change until local florists begin doing something about it. We can stop our feet and kick and scream all we want but it will not change until we start acting.


Mother’s Day is just around the corner. If you have never marketed before, it’s time to start now. If you don’t know how, call me. If you want to take the first step in growing your OWN business, read further.

#1) How will you protect your business?

#2) How will you get new business?

#3) How will you manage your Mother’s Day holiday?

There is 1 answer for it all and I will explain…BROCHURES!

You need to set the menu.


Let’s start with #3. There are too many product codes in the industry today. Local florists cannot keep up. Even if you get more orders, how could anyone ever have everything needed to custom design those orders? When you get our brochure, you get the photos for your website too. You set the menu and when your staff sells from it, you will manage your holiday better because you will have bought for the items pictured. this will add to your profit.

#2 INSERTS. Insert your brochures in community papers and/or mail to lists of people (not customers) in your area. Both methods will work. How else will new customers find you?

#1 Mail to everyone who has bought from you in the past 3 months  and Mother’s Day last year. This is targeted and will get you the best results.

Be sure what you have in your brochure is featured on your website.

Limit your web offerings.

Make a coupon worth redeeming. $10 or 15% off your order or 20% off your first order all work very well.

Remember, making 10% of $100 is more than 50% of $0.

By not getting in the game, you will continue to lose market share.

People who are seeing the most orders are thought who have marketed the most. I just held a contest for Tony Bennett tickets and the one customer said he now does all his shopping on our floralapp. He is a captive customer. We send a PUSH notification and people place orders. UNLIKE a mobile version of the website, app users are locked in and can’t go to another website. MAKE THE MOST OF THIS.

Use a QR code on your brochure to download your floralapp. Lock in customers.


Haven’t we stood back and waited long enough for the business to come back to us?

Click here to see our Mother’s Day brochure. The prices are right, the help is here and the results are for you to get. It’s up to you.

Thomas Edison once said, the definition of insanity is performing the same acts over and over again expecting different results.

We look forward to working with you,

Grow Your Business QR codes: the floralapp® way!

March 16, 2012

How QR Codes Work

What are QR codes? Quick Response Codes, or QR codes are black and white pixelated images that are able to be scanned by smartphones. They direct the person scanning the image to a website of the QR generators choice. QR code scanning has been growing with popularity due to its ease and simplicity for people looking for more information about products and/or services.

Why should I have a QR code? Since 66% of smartphone owners shop straight from their cellphones! (Read Full Article) It is essential, as business owners, to follow the trends that work. This is called investing wisely. When e-commerce began to boom, everyone switched their websites over to be compatible with the shopping trends. Most businesses laid out virtual “checkouts” so that they could adhere to this growing trend. Well, the time has come again where shopping is evolving. Customers these days want fast and easy, which is why QR codes are rapidly growing with popularity.

Where can I get a QR code from? Within our floralapp® program, we have QR codes that are customized specifically to your shop. What that means is, we automatically generate QR codes for your shop when you are a member. We then customize print materials with the QR code on them and send you this marketing package to distribute however you chose to do so! When a customer scans one of your QR codes they are automatically taken to your floralapp® site to purchase flowers from their phone. This creates an efficient way to gain new business.

Why are we different from other QR code providers? At Beneva Solutions, we allow you the capability to track your results. What would be the point of spending money on a marketing or advertising element if you are not sure what kind of ROI you are getting? We have found that not all QR generators are created equal. Many generators will sell you the capability of making a QR code, but they don’t provide any support on how the codes are working for you. As you can see below, our QR code platform allows us to see vital information regarding the consumer usage of your codes.

QR Code Analysis

How do I scan a QR code? If your smartphone doesn’t already have a QR code scanner app on it, then you could always try NeoReader for the iPhone, Barcode Scanner for Android, and ScanLife for Blackberry. All of these apps are FREE (Please note that we do not endorse any of these apps companies, this is just our opinion at great, free apps). After you’ve downloaded your QR code app from your phone’s app store, open the program and follow the on screen instructions. You will use your smartphone’s camera to then scan the QR code. The QR program on your phone will detect the QR code and direct you to the landing page linked to that code. It’s really a simple process once you have the correct QR code reader installed.

QR codeWanna try your hand at a QR code? Use your smartphone to scan the image to the right and see how easy it is!

At Beneva Solutions we thrive on your successes.

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