Making the most of your Mother’s Day Traffic

I remember it was around 1996 when I first started adding .com to all my ads and even to my business card. Believe it or not, it looked awkward to many and especially our fellow florists. They acted as if I was being extreme including a .com or that many people would not understand what that meant so why do it. Back in those days maybe 1 in every 6 homes had a computer.

In 1996 most people used dialup and the common connection speed was 14.4. While many felt this .com stuff would be a flash in the pan, others thought differently. Since many retail florists did not understand what was transitioning those who did got out ahead and built a solid .com presence and captured the opportunity and customers looking to shop online. It was a small crowd back then but so was the amount of shops ready to earn the online business.

Google was once an impression based search engine. You paid for impressions and clicks were optional. Yes that was then…

Last night I saw this transportation vehicle promoting rides and just chuckled when I saw just how prominent the .com was on the limited marketing area they had on the backlit sign. Surely they had a choice of a larger ad or adding a .com. Today that makes perfect sense, I wonder what many would have thought back in 1996. I wonder if they would have even added a .com to the sign back then.

So as we fast forward to 2012…there is a HUGE transformation again. Technology has evolved and cell phones have become the new portable computer. It is happening before our eyes.

Here is why…

1) Apps use the cell technology to process information and expedite transactions on the go and on Smartphones.

2) Apps development is growing and the amount of apps is so great APPLE has been denying apps being submitted that are similar to apps that already exist.

Apps allow you to create just about anything you can imagine when it comes to innovation and using the information on a cell phone. (Example, when someone places an order they can look up the recipient in the address book ON THE PHONE, click the name and the fields auto fill! There is much more to come as well.

MOBILE versions of your website are just that. It is only a reformatted portion of your website that people can use to order. There are no unique features like the recipient info migration or PUSH notification to alert app customers or reminders that pull from the cell phone (coming soon) to remind people of special occasion on their phones.

Many florists have taken the steps to licensing an app that is customized to their flower shops. By simply adding a link to your website, you can get your customer LOCKED in when they download YOUR app. The best part is, they can ONLY shop with you. You are building a captive audience. In time this will be priceless.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. It is clear now that those shops who worked to get customers to download their apps are all seeing orders. The more the downloads, the more the orders. We are also seeing that many people who order once on the app are ordering again. It is just so easy. That makes a big difference.

The week of Mother’s Day you will see record number of visitors to your website. This is your opportunity to lock them in with your app. A simple promotion or just having the banner on your home page (which we will make for you) will be all you need. It’s a long summer ahead……make the most of your Mother’s Day traffic and promote FLORALAPP before your competition does. It is only a matter of time. For just $70.00 a month, how can you afford not to use this technology in your business?

Don’t let this holiday go by without doing all you can to capture your customer. using a QR code on your Mother’s Day brochure makes it easy to get them to download. We offer the solutions, all you have to do is call us and discuss your strategy this Mother’s Day. There business is out there for those who want it.

Call me anytime and remember, “You must be willing to do what others don’t, to achieve the goals they can’t because they won’t”.

View our video here.


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  1. Ben says:

    I’ve just got into QR codes. I found some good free info at Worth a look.

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