The week before Easter and all through your shop!

Friday and Sat (Yesterday) I called most of the shops who are new to Easter advertising and I asked them…”How do you feel going into this weekend with you ads all lined up for Easter Sunday, here is what I heard.

* Excited, I feel like we are going to boost sales.

* I got my first order this morning since my inserts are delivered on Saturday

* Looking forward to it. I haven’t advertised Easter in over 10 years, Thanks for the encouragement

Then there are those who have done it before, they just know what to expect.

I will promise one thing, those who marketed will see more orders. Those who don’t are hoping for their customers to order. (AND that is why you will see wire services and pro Flower advertising. That is the customer they go after)

I am still excited. This morning morning we are seeing calls come in from the postcard and by Monday or Tuesday we will see even more. Business will not come back to you. It will come back to those who are out there going after it. I can’t stress enough the value of marketing for every holiday. We are in an industry that is full of creative beautiful designs and the ability to hand deliver the same day across the USA. That is so powerful and yet we don’t want the world to know. We keep it a secret.

Mother’s day is just around the corner. We are customizing the mother’s Day brochures fro shops this week and they will all be ready to go in a few weeks.

For anyone thinking they will be busy enough and don’t need to market for Mother’s Day…Think again….

for those investing in Mother’s day will see new customers and with new customers come new birthday’s anniversaries and more future orders. It is not just the Mother’s Day order you get. There are customers wanting to order on phones, using apps and on your website. Are you ready for all of the above? If you are not, we can help.

All I am stressing is, if you marketed for Easter, congratulations. The proof will be in your numbers and the results. Numbers don’t lie.

If you advertised for Mother’s Day CONGRATULATIONS. You too are securing your local market.

IF you HAVEN’T….If you haven’t marketed Mother’s Day and you feel that strongly about it… me. Maybe I am missing something. I would like to save money too. BUT I re invest in the future of local floral retailing at Beneva Flowers. If you want to save money, improve your bottom line and take the extra and sock it away. Cutting advertising or not advertising is like having a car and refusing to buy fuel. You need to fuel the engine.

I am glad to say we saw a record amount of brochure purchases this Mother’s day. I am thrilled. It is because I see people starting to “GET IT” that I am writing. I want at least one shop in each city marketing with either inserts or mailing to local zip codes. I have brought the cost of brochures to a price that is the LOWEST in the industry. The advice of our staff at Beneva Solutions is FREE. The only think you need to do is develop a strategy. We are glad to help. It will be a LONG summer for some florists and others will see increases and not know why. It is because of the new customers they acquired at Mother’s Day.

I will be travelling the country this summer with my GETTING OUT OF THE BOX presentation. Please come out and visit. Say hello. I love meeting shop owners and holding open discussion. I LOVE sharing the numbers of stats that clearly show you how much business is left on the table. See it for yourself. Then make your decision. If the answer, a brochure? Is it the Floralapp? Think about this…Those who have been working hard to get downloads have seen more and more orders start coming in. Now, the next step is PUSH notification. Go ahead, pull the trigger. I went from 2-3% of my downlaoded customers ordering to 14% over the last few months. It is increasing fast. I have achieved 70% of my total Floralapp order over the last 6 months. I can hardly wait till the Mother’s day PUSH!

My next presentation will be in Syracuse on April 17th at Cleveland Plant.

You have proms coming up….Go ahead and send an incentive to the schools to have the students order on your app for an additional discount. Maybe $2.00 an order or more. They select from your flowers to wear and now the kids can use smartphones to place an order with you. You have will call, go ahead and use it.

You know, so many florists tell me they want to get after the younger shopper because they are the future. HELLO? FLORALAPP. Kids LOVE and understand apps better than anyone. this is it, go for it!

Yes I am excited and NO I am not worried about what everyone else is doing because we are busy doing not talking.

So don’t waste another second….here are some quick tips for you. Please call me if you would like to review…

1) Have your staff trained for the Easter orders from your postcard.

2) Use Turn 2 with every Easter order you take. You will be amazed how many MOther’s Day orders you will get

3) Update your Message on Hold. It is the next best up sell generator after your paid employees!

4) Keep a lost order log at every station. ANYONE who can’t close an order needs to write down what happened and you as an owner need to review it.

In my opinion, it doesn’t matter what we think people think of us, what matters is what we know why anyone doesn’t.

If anyone tries to convince you that if you don’t need an app if you have a mobile website, ask them if they offer custom floral app. Now you get it? Almost every florist has a mobile version of their website. this is not new. FLORALAPP and the technology we use and are adding is. From allowing people to click recipients on their CELL phone books an complete forms to PUSH NOTIFICATION and much more. APPs are fast and easy to use. Best of all they are FREE to customers!

Good luck next week and if you haven’t ordered Mother’s Day and you can customize this week, we can most likely get you in. Don’t be a spectator, be a player!

All my best,



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