Is Your Staff Prepared for Prom and Secretary’s Day?

By now, your marketing plans for Secretaries Day and Proms should be complete. But I ask you this, how much effort have you put into training your staff to make the most of your orders?

For example, Prom requests can take as much time as booking a small wedding. By having the offerings on your webpage (see how we do it), or printed for your sales team to order off of, it simplifies the process and enables you to sell what you planned for.

Secretaries Day orders are probably the trickiest to process in your POS system. We have continued training and had a formal gathering this morning to ensure the team was up to date on all of our processes. I can’t stress enough how much better florists could do with ongoing training and tracking of the orders they receive. Secretaries Day is like a mini Valentine’s Day. Plan for prompt service and be sure to make the most of the experience. That list of people ordering for businesses is a very valuable active list of leads too!

Don’t wait and take orders, sell the products you plan for and create an experience that sets you apart from you competition!


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