What a Night! Syracuse – April 17,2012

What a pleasure it was meeting florists in the Syracuse area, and others who drove almost 2 hours to attend. I think what made it best was to hear them say, “It was well worth it”.

You know, for years the number 1 attraction to wholesale presenters was floral tips and design. They just pack the house. I believe that the flowers today have never looked better and the design standards are raised to the highest level. Florists know how to design a beautiful bouquet, it’s getting the order for that design, the delivery, and the profitability that needs to be improved. While that may be challenging, I hope I made it fun for all. The footballs were used throughout the presentation and a gift was received by all who attended.

The very first step was simply plugging the holes of profit and the marketing, followed by tracking your results. It is interactive, and one of the best times I had presenting. What was surprising was after an hour and a half, when I was done, NO ONE LEFT! It was like the audience was paralyzed. People were thinking. The questions they asked were great ones. They realized that they could take control. Maybe they also realized the wire services are not necessarily the bad guys. Maybe they will all watch the video here where my guest at the shop, Paul from Jacques Flower Shop, stated it best: “Change and success starts in the mirror”. Check out the quick video. Success is not for everyone. It doesn’t come without a plan. We must all develop a plan!

Today, these florists are hopefully a little better prepared to tackle the future of retailing and take back the industry. It cannot be done alone.

Check out Billy form Kittelberger Florist who drive from Rochester to visit with his Ford Transit displaying a QR CODE on the back door! That was a first, way to go Billy! Remember the first time you saw a www. (URL) on a florist ad or business card? Welcome to the world of apps. For once, all florists will not be left behind and play catch up.

See the screen below of the projected app usage in the next four years, are you ready?

Thanks again Cathy for having me…It was a pleasure!


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